2022 Winter Yak-Off Orienteering Race

Winter Yak-Off Orienteering Race

Adventure Race Northern Illinois (ARNI) is hosting the Winter Yak-Off Orienteering Race at Rock Cut State Park on February 12, 2022

Race HQ will be the Lone Star Café at Rock Cut State Park, next to the Outdoor Store. This is a six hour Orienteering Race. However do not get discouraged or intimidated by that time length. Besides, six hours in the forest in winter is a good way to spend the day! 

The Winter Yak-Off Orienteering Race is open and welcomes the experienced racer to the newbie, who maybe even does not want to be out there for six hours. This race offers a challenge to expert orienteerers and adventure racers and will be a fun time for the ones that are just looking for some winter adventure. If you have concerns about the 6-hour distance, feel free to come out and race for a few hours before calling it a day. Either way, racers will have fun and challenging experience. And will have earned their favorite beverage of choice!

For more information about this awesome winter adventure and to learn more about ARNI and other adventure offerings coming up, click here