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Your Northern Illinois Paddlesports Rental Headquarters

Summer is the best time to get out and explore new places and things! Rocktown Adventures offers on-site and off-site paddlesports rentals which allow you to take advantage of the abundance of scenic creeks, rivers and lakes in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Paddlesport rentals include Kayak/Canoe/Stand-up Paddleboard, Paddle and PFD (life jacket). PFDs must be worn at all times. If looking to rent for more than 3 days, please call us for pricing.

There is more to paddling than simply pulling a blade through the water. Here at Rocktown Adventures, we want to provide a safe, enjoyable and memorable paddling experience for you. To help us help you achieve that, we kindly request you take 15 short minutes to review the Canoe and Kayak Safety video, courtesy of Rental Boat Safety.

Rental Options & Pricing

Single Kayaks & Stand-Up'sTandems & CanoesFishing Kayaks
2 Hours$30$45$35
½ Day$40$55$45
1+ Days$30$45$40

On-site Rentals

For use launching on the Rock River in Rockford, IL. Simply come to the store, and we walk you and the equipment to the river to launch you for your on-water adventure. When you are done, you leave the kayak off to the side of the ramp and come back to the store. We come and get the gear!

Off-site Rentals

For use on any body of water – subject to availability. You must have the proper rack or trailer to transport offsite (unfortunately at this time we are unable to rent racks and trailers). We deliver rentals and provide shuttle services for an additional fee.

Shuttle Options & Pricing

Shuttles are an additional fee, separate from equipment rentals. We require a 24-hour notice for shuttle assistance and all shuttles are planned based on availability (weekend shuttles are limited). Registration is required, as walk-ups are not guaranteed a seat on a shuttle. Weekend shuttles may not be available based on other events.

Please contact us before you plan on a shuttle, so we may prepare accordingly. Paddle timeframes are an estimate, based on river water levels and current flow. Additional shuttle locations available upon request.

Rock River | Rockford, IL

Shuttle Start Point:
Downtown Rockford Store

Shuttle Stops:

  1. Martin Park
    • $5/person or $20 minimum
    • 1 – 1.5-hour paddle
  2. SportsCore II
    • $10/person or $30 minimum
    • 1.5 – 2-hour paddle
  3. Harlem Street
    • $15/person or $40 minimum
    • 2 – 2.5-hour paddle

Kishwaukee River | Rockford, IL

Shuttle Start/End Point:
We meet you at Atwood Park in New Milford and shuttle to your launch site. If renting, we return to pick up the kayaks once you take out at Atwood Park. We can do other stops along the Kish by request.

Shuttle Stops:

  1. Kishwaukee River Forest Preserve
    • $10/person or $40 minimum
    • 1.5 – 2-hour paddle
  2. Espenscheid Forest Preserve
    • $10/person or $40 minimum
    • 2 – 2.5-hour paddle
  3. Bauman Park
    • $15/person or $50 minimum
    • 2.5 – 3-hour paddle

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