6 Reasons to Paddle for Exercise!

Surprise! To paddle, is to actually exercise!

You head out on the water with some friends for some fun in the sun. Maybe to take in the wildlife, maybe to catch a fish or two, maybe to simply enjoy the peace and quiet and sounds of nature. No matter the reason, when you head out on the water, do you realize that you are also engaging in a total body workout as well? Surprise – when you paddle a kayak, you're exercising!

Yes, that’s right. Kayaking is a great total body workout. Each time you go paddle, you are doing a workout regardless of distance traveled or pace. You go out for fun, and come back with the health benefits. What many gym warriors do not realize is that you can use a kayak as part of your exercise routine. Sure beats riding a bike in one place staring at someone’s backside! With the advancement of pedals in kayaks, you can even pedal your way across the water.

Multiple muscle groups are working when properly paddling a kayak. Shoulders, arms, lats, core, and even your legs are active the entire time you are paddling. You may not realize the muscles are being used, but trust me they are. Not enough cardio you say? Paddle at a faster than normal pace, or head upstream against the current. Your ticker will get a workout.

The next time you want to break a sweat, grab some water shoes. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Paddling is for any Fitness Level or Any Age Group

  • Paddling is a total body activity

  • You can easily combine paddling with other activities for cross training

  • Paddling is low impact – Your knees will thank you

  • Being outside provides more than physical benefits – It’s good for you emotionally, socially & intellectually

  • Its fun! I never dread going paddling – Can’t say the same for going to the gym!

As you can see, paddling is a great total body activity that is good for the mind, body, and soul. The next time you want to break a sweat, think about hitting the water! The gym is there all winter for you.

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