Jackson Kayak Liska: The Only Kayak You Need
Jackson Kayak Liska

If you're looking for an incredibly stable kayak that affords you to hit any waters for that fish addiction, look no further than the Jackson Kayak Liska

All kidding aside though, I commonly hunt Northern Pike with this machine and also target large mouth and smallmouth bass, but it's capable of targeting any other freshwater and inshore fish. It's been said that this is a kayak ideal for ponds and small lakes, but I can tell you it's capable of handling all kinds of lakes and rivers alike. The stability is absolutely astounding and even the most hesitant newbies will be mesmerized by the ease and function of standing while trying to make that perfect cast or even while bow fishing. The age ole debate looms in cyberspace that the Coosa / Coosa HD is the river yak and the Liska is the lake yak but I can tell you having owned both that the Liska, in my humble opinion, is a better tool for chasing toothy critters and black bass up here in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. 

Jackson Kayak Liska

Jackson Kayak Liska Specs

Additional Info on the History of How the Liska Came About

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