Crescent CK2 Venture


The CK2 Venture is a truly versatile, high-weight-capacity fishing kayak built on a proven Crescent platform. Since the CREW launch, the anglers and adventurers in the Crescent community have seen the limitless potential in customizing this craft as a high-performing single to accommodate all of their gear, electronics, and power options. We created the CK2 Venture as an adventure-ready platform for those looking to explore further. This kayak is for big trips, big weights, big distances, and big ventures. LENGTH: 13' WIDTH: 35" WEIGHT: 85 LBS CAPACITY: 600 LBS

FEATURES: 1. Patented Hull Design: A 13′ STABILITY-FOCUSED HULL THAT MAINTAINS CRESCENT’S SIGNATURE PADDLING PERFORMANCE—PERFORMING WELL WHETHER PADDLING OR UNDER POWER The hull of the CK2 Venture features a full-length keel and rocker profile designed to track straight and glide through the water. A bulbous nose helps displace water when navigating waves and rapids. Since this craft was designed to accommodate large amounts of weight, the secondary stability is fully-engaged when loaded down adding confidence when standing and fishing. 2. An Open Bow With Internal Access: The standout feature on the CK2 Venture Bow is the large, water-resistant bow cover with a paddle park for easy staging and a zipper pocket for your essentials. It’s a great way to compress and manage a ton of gear. Dual YakAttack GearTracs provide forward accessory mounting points. A 6″ Deck Plate comes standard with our nylon Kayak Catch Bag for additional gear storage and internal hull access. 3. Open Layout and High Chair: MORE ROOM TO STRETCH OUT AND UNDER-SEAT STORAGE FOR ALL OF YOUR GEAR The cockpit of the CK2 Venture has ample leg room with adjustable foot tracks for paddlers of all sizes. This model comes standard with a full teak pad kit that pairs beautifully with the Moss colorway for added comfort, noise reduction, and aesthetics. The High Chair is fully adjustable and comfortable with an extra 2.5″ of closed-cell foam padding. Dual Stash Trays, cupholders, YakAttack GearTracs, and ample room under the seat provide all of the necessary room for your gear and essentials. 4. Dual Rear Tankwells: A PASS-THROUGH DUAL TANKWELL THAT IS POWER-READY The fore tankwell features dual YakAttack GearTracs with Vertical Tie-Down Loops and Cam Straps for securing coolers, BlackPaks, and more. The aft tankwell features dual YakAttack GearTracs with adjustable bungees for everything else you need. The pass-through features two MightyMount II’s for additional accessory mounting options. The stern features our Power Plate which was custom designed for this model—allowing the mounting of a Power Pole or various motor options.

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