Crescent Primo


This kayak is crafted using the highest quality resin and offers premium features such as Crescent’s Hi-low design with frame seat and patented hull. The Primo can be customized with pad kits, GearTracs, and a Power Pole/motor mount location. Stability, performance, and capacity have been masterfully blended to ensure paddlers of any experience level will feel confident on the water, ensuring a lifetime of adventure. LENGTH 10' 6" WIDTH 32" WEIGHT 55 LBS CAPACITY 375 LBS

FEATURES: 1. Patented Hull Design: A STABILITY-FOCUSED HULL THAT MAINTAINS CRESCENT’S SIGNATURE PADDLING PERFORMANCE. Added volume to the outside chines and a full-length, compressed keel masterfully blends performance and stability to ensure paddlers of every experience level feel confident on the water. The rocker profile and bow volume ensure the kayak rides high and dry through swells and current while remaining nimble. With a weight capacity of 375 lbs, this kayak is intended for all ages and all their gear! The lightweight construction plus paddling abilities make this a Primo throw-and-go kayak. 2. Bow & Tankwell: FROM BOW TO STERN, NO ASPECT OF THE PRIMO’S DESIGN WAS OVERLOOKED—AN AFFORDABLE KAYAK PACKED WITH PREMIUM FEATURES. The Primo features a Paddle Park with 1” Nylon Webbing from local friends Rescue Technology who make harnesses for first responders. Each color of the Primo comes with a unique colored bungee pairing with hardware intentionally designed to best secure your gear. A large tankwell allows for ample gear storage and an embossed landing at the bottom of the tankwell can be cut out to accommodate an 8” quarter-turn deck plate for interior hull access and storage. The pass-through design provides easier gear access and drainage. Our signature handle, injection molded by YakAttack can be found on the bow and through the Primo for easy handling. 3. Cockpit & Seat: WE LOVE SIMPLICITY IN OUR LAYOUTS, PROVIDING MORE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND VERSATILITY. The Primo features our patented molded-in high-and-low seating configuration with a cam strap for ease of adjustment and added compression. The self-bailing cockpit easily drains directly through the scupper plugs. Dual cupholders accommodate large water bottles like Nalgenes. Adjustable foot tracks for different paddler heights and paddler styles. Of course, the Primo comes standard with our hand-sewn, hand-fabricated framed seat. Injection-molded handles with bungee paddle parks make for easy transportation and paddle staging. Recessed locations for pad-kits make for easy installation and longevity. Lastly, dual rod butt stagers keep your rods locked in when you’re on the go to the next fishing spot. 4. Rear Tankwell: INTENTIONALLY OPEN AND VERSATILE FOR TRANSPORTING GEAR AND ACCESSORIZING The rear tankwell was designed for gear! It can easily accommodate our Kayak Cooler™ or a YakAttack BlackPak. Adjustable matching bungees are perfect for keeping your essentials tied down. The industry-standard four-point mounting layout allows you to add a motor or Power Pole. The stern features a molded-in carry handle to maintain this sleek aesthetic and not interfere with motoring. Stealth routing points keep steering and throttle cables hidden. GearTrac landings utilize molded-in inserts to make accessorizing easy.

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