Newport Vessels NK180 Pro-Kayak Motor


Introducing the Newport NK180PRO Kayak Motor: Redefine your angling experience with unrivaled speed, whisper-quiet precision, and optimized efficiency. Elevate every journey on the water with the game-changing NK180PRO, setting a new standard for performance and control.For the dedicated kayak angler seeking the pinnacle of performance, say hello to the Newport NK180PRO. This isn’t just a motor; it’s a game-changer designed to push your angling adventures into uncharted territory. 600W Peak Power 100 MI Max Range 6mph Speed 37.5 Hrs Max Run Time *24V Battery Required* *Battery NOT Included*

Features: 1. Performance Redefined: Cruise to your favorite fishing spots with an extra burst of speed, boasting a 16% increase at the top end. 2. Revamped Silience: Enjoy the tactical advantage of quiet operation, ensuring you stay one step ahead of your pursuit of trophy fish. 25% Quiter 3. Optimized Efficiency: Maximize your time on water with extended range, enabling you to go further and fish longer. Effortlessly reach distant hotspots with increased speed, while conserving valuable battery power. 25% Increased Range

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