NRS Tow Tether 33”


The strong NRS Tow Tether, with built-in bungee, is used with the quick-release harnesses on rescue life jackets.

FEATURES: 1. Tow Tether lengths: 33″: Stretched length is 33″, unstretched is 19″ 53″: Stretched length is 53″, unstretched is 33″ Add 2″ to length for the metal O-ring 2. The Tow Tether, sometimes called a “cow tail,” enhances towing boats in rescue situations. 3. The stainless steel O-ring includes a hook patch of “hook and loop” material that facilitates centering of the O-ring on vests that have the loop material sewn on in the back. 4. The Tether also has a hook patch on the carabiner end. This mates with a loop piece available on some rescue PFDs, forming a quick-release holder for your carabiner. 5. Add your choice of carabiner, available separately. You may want to consider a locking carabiner to avoid accidental snags.

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