YakAttack TowNStow BarCart


After 18 months of intense development, the YakAttack design team has truly redefined the kayak cart category. Combining best-in-class quality and durability with never-before-seen features and functionality, the TowNStow BarCart is one of the most highly engineered and versatile products we’ve ever produced! Designed for extreme duty, the BarCart is universal, collapsible, user-friendly, and robust, requiring no tools to assemble or disassemble. Nothing about this design is what you’d expect, but your expectation will never be the same after using it. With the push of a button or the flip of a lever, the BarCart can be deployed, adjusted, or collapsed in seconds. And with two bunk bar configurations, it boasts unprecedented compatibility with different hull shapes. Made in the USA to a standard of quality you’ve come to expect from YakAttack; the BarCart is built from UV-resistant, high-quality, injection-molded polymers and anodized aluminum tubing and assembled with stainless steel hardware. Designed to withstand years of use in harsh outdoor and marine environments, the BarCart is backed by our Built for Life Guarantee. Bunks and Tie Downs With the vast and ever-evolving shapes of modern-day kayak hulls, we knew our bunk system would require extreme versatility. When we found that inline bars worked better on some boats while crossbars worked better on others, we decided to build both options into the BarCart. You can transport “roof rack style,” putting the bars in a crossbar configuration for boats with pontoon-shaped or reasonably flat bottoms, or you can configure them in a traditional “bunk-style” configuration, where the bars are parallel to the hull of your vessel, for kayaks with more of a “V” shaped hull. In this configuration, the bars can be locked into 6 different positions, depending on your boat’s width and the shape of its hull. Securing a kayak to the BarCart is not a one-size-fits-all proposition either, so we added a number of different tie-down points. Strap loops integrated into the wheel hubs work great for kayaks that are wider than the wheelbase of the cart, and a centralized tie-down point located at the center of the axle is great when transporting narrow watercrafts. The tie-down points are designed for 1” flat webbing cam straps (not included), but you can also use rope with less than 5/16” diameter. For added grip on the underside of your kayak, the BarCart includes four super “grippy” and easily positionable rubber bumpers. For long-term durability we opted for designing snap-on rubber bumpers instead of standard foam. Storage and Collapsible Components So, you’re at the launch, now what? Sometimes it’s not convenient to take your cart back to your vehicle, and doing so leaves your kayak and gear unattended and susceptible to theft. We solved this problem by making the BarCart ultra collapsible. The wheels can be removed with the push of a button. The bunk bars, long enough for even the widest fishing kayaks, collapse with a heavy-duty ferrule and bungee system, enabling them to go from a 44” deployed length to less than 18” in a compact and secure package. The uprights fold down, parallel with the axle, making it possible to store the BarCart inside the hull of a kayak. All of this can be performed with no tools using smart and simple buttons and levers. If needed, everything minus the centralized tiedown point can be removed from the aluminum axle. Dual Kickstands The BarCart comes with two kickstands. When configured with one on each side, you can optimize and support the loading angle for both sides of the cart. When not in use, the beefy kickstands snap in place, locked out of the way.

FEATURES: 1. Made in the USA 2. Built for Life Guarantee 3. Universal fit for most kayaks or SUP’s 4. Toolless adjustment with no loose parts 5. Designed for use with 1” cam straps (straps not included) 6. Made from UV resistant polymers, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel 7. Easily adjustable 8. 6 adjustable width positions when in the bunk orientation 9. Bars can be positioned bunk style or roof rack style 10. Crossbars detach quickly and easily by a simple flip of a lever 11. Wheels remove by a push of a button 12. Multiple integrated tie down points 13. All touchpoints are highlighted using orange polymers 14. Dual Kick-Away Kick Stands 15. Positionable rubber bunk pads 16. 3-Piece BeadLoc Wheel Design 17. Uprights fold in seconds for easy storage 18. Quick release components to quickly stow the cart 19. Built with stainless steel Hardware 20. Built for use in harsh marine conditions 21. Weight Capacity – Flat surface rating: 450 lbs, Trail rating: 300 lbs, 5 inch drop rating: 200 lbs. 22. Wheel size – 12” diameter, 2.5” wide 23. Bunk Orientation Adjustability: Max 21.75” , Min width 6.25” 24. Collapsible bunks: 44” assembled, 17.75” collapsed 25.Axle Length: 32.5” 26. Folded chassis size – 32.5” L x 7.5” W x 4.75” H

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